Behavioral Euthanasia

The difficult choice to euthanize an aggressive pet.

If you have found this page, we know you have been through agony. We are here to say you are not alone in what you’re going through. You didn’t do anything wrong to get here. 

If you are considering having to say goodbye to your beloved family member for aggression and putting humans or other animals at danger, we are here to help. We are here to support you and your pet, and we do not judge. 

When you’ve tried everything and your pet is still putting people or other animals at risk from biting, sometimes euthanasia is the kindest decision. We know your pet is good and deserves peace and happiness. If you are considering behavioral euthanasia, we outline the process below. It all starts with a teleconsult. 

The process


The first step is a consultation with one of our compassionate and experienced veterinarians. This consult has two parts: 

  1. Will will discuss the situation with your pet and make sure everyone is comfortable with this decision.
  2. We will discuss a plan for the euthanasia appointment. With every behavioral euthanasia appointment we have two goals: first, to make it as peaceful, comfortable, and happy for your pet as possible; and second, to make sure everyone is safe during the appointment.

Price: $199

Scheduling the appointment

The second step is scheduling the euthanasia appointment. Your pet cannot have bitten anyone and broken skin within 10 days of the appointment due to New York State law. 

The euthanasia appointment

As hard as this process is for you, our goal with the appointment is to make it as peaceful, gentle, and easy for your pet as possible. The appointment is tailored for your pet’s individual needs. In most cases, we mix powerful medications with a delicious meal. Most pets fall asleep peacefully surrounded by their family. Because the medications are oral, higher doses are generally used and the process typically takes longer than most other types of euthanasia. 

Price: $549 


Following euthanasia, we can take care of cremation for you, if you desire. There are two types of cremation: private (where you receive the ashes back in beautiful urn) and communal (you do not get the ashes back. To read more about cremation visit our cremation page.

Additional resources

We know how difficult this is. Here are a couple of resources to help: 

Behavioral euthanasia: the decision to euthanize an aggressive pet.

Losing Lulu: Losing Lulu is an organization dedicated to supporting pet parents who are going through or have gone through the process of behavioral euthanasia.