Pet Cremation and Aftercare

We can take care of everything for you after your pet has peacefully passed, including transport, cremation, and other special details.

Paws at Peace has partnered with the highest-rated pet crematory in New York State, Compassionate Care Aquamation. Aquamation, or water cremation, is an environmentally-friendly alternative to flame cremation that uses water rather than fire to create the ashes. With aquamation, no fossil fuels are burned and no greenhouse gasses are released.

With Compassionate Care, you can rest assured that your pet will be treated with dignity and respect at every stage of the process. Your pet will arrive safely at the Compassionate Care facility in Oceanside, NY the same day as your appointment. To read Compassionate Care’s outstanding reviews click here.

Private cremation/aquamation

When you choose private cremation/aquamation, your pet is cremated in a private chamber without any other pets. You can choose from one of a variety of beautiful urns included in the price and your pet’s name will be elegantly engraved on a gold plate. You have the option of picking up your pet’s cremains from Compassionate Care (in Oceanside, NY), having them shipped to you via USPS, or using our courier service to have them hand delivered to you.

Communal cremation

With communal cremation, your pet will be respectfully cremated with other pets and their ashes will be scattered on a beautiful farm in upstate New York.