Reviews of Paws at Peace

Your kind words and feedback help us to continue to provide compassionate service to you and your pet during this difficult time. If you had a positive experience with us, please use the buttons below to leave us a five-star review on Google or Facebook.

Your kind words

Your kind words and feedback help us continue to provide compassionate service to you and your pet during these difficult times. If you had a positive experience with us, please use the buttons below to leave us a five-star review on Google or Facebook.

Jessica brought calm, peace and comfort to an extremely sad day. I am so grateful for the work she does and would implore anyone who has to put their pet to rest to call her. She even made a clay paw print with our dog’s name on it which we now cherish.

Hailey R.

Dr Fragola is the most gentle and compassionate vet. She explained the procedure so that there would be no surprises in a calm and reassuring manner. She helped make a very stressful day as stress less as possible. I am eternally grateful for being able to put Bailey to sleep so peacefully in the comfort of his home and surrounded by his family. I can’t recommend her enough and would give her 10 stars.
Michele W.

Sadly, we had to make the difficult decision to put out cat down who was suffering from Cancer.

We called Dr. Jessica Fragola, and she was a blessing from the moment she answered the phone. She was extremely professional, kind, respectful, compassionate, and straightforward with us.

I would recommend Dr. Fragola to anyone who has to make this decision and she really helped us enjoy our final moment with our sweet cat.

Dr. Jessica – Thank you so much for everything!

Miles O.

Dr. Fragola was incredibly kind, compassionate and patient. She was with us throughout the entire process, was very communicative and worked to make the experience as personal as possible. I never had to put down a pet before and was so fearful of the unknown. Dr. Fragola walked us through the process and allowed us the space to say goodbye in our home and on our own terms. It was peaceful and beautiful. Our dog passed in our arms, surrounded by love, in a space he knew and loved.
Morgan H.

Letting go of Bella was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Dr. Fragola made it a little easier. She was so gentle and compassionate with Bella. And for Bella, it was so peaceful and calm, which is all we could ever ask for.
Susan M.

I was dreading doing this. I knew it was getting close to time for Callie, my kitty friend for more than 18 years, but she hates the vet so much. The idea of putting her in a carrier and taking her to the vet for euthanasia was just too much. Dr. Fragola was so quiet Callie didn’t even notice when she entered, and Callie barely even noticed the first injection while we were petting her as she fell fast asleep. I am so grateful we could give Callie the goodbye she deserved.
Shannon O.

Today we put our beloved 12 year old, Chloe, to rest. With a broken heart, I reached out to Paws at Peace to inquire as to their availability for today. Soon after, I was contacted by Joanna who was so understanding and comforting, listened attentively, and offered all the information that I needed. I decided to book an appointment for 3:00. Throughout the day, I received calls and text messages coordinating times and services so that all would run smoothly. Dr. Jessica Fragola arrived on time, and was just fabulous from the moment she walked through the door. She explained the procedure and what to expect during each step. She was calm, warm, and respectful of our feelings. Chloe went peacefully under her care. Once she was gone, Dr. Fragola pressed Chloe’s paw into a clay mold so that we would have a special keepsake. I was so taken by this gesture, and the perfect baking instructions that accompanied it. I was also gifted an envelope Forget Me Not seeds to plant which had a beautiful prayer on the back, and a pack of tissues. Soon after Chloe passed, the representative from Final Gift arrived to gather Chloe and take her. Both Dr. Fragola and the gentleman from Final Gift gently put Chloe on a stretcher, covered her, and placed her in the waiting van. While this was an extremely difficult day for us, we were in perfect hands from the beginning to the end of this process. Thank you Paws at Peace and Final Gift for your presence today.
Valerie W.

My dog had a peaceful passing from the comfort of our apartment. Dr. Fragola deserves a medal. She was so kind, supportive, empathic and professional. She left me with a piece of clay with an imprint of my dog’s paw –incredibly thoughtful. just what I needed. Bless her heart.
Malia .M

Five stars is not enough to describe how grateful my partner and I are for Dr. Jessica Fragola at Paws at Peace! We were referred to Paws at Peace from our vet so we knew we were in good hands but weren’t sure exactly what to expect as we had never used this type of service before. She made our farewell to our sweet senior rescue dog better than we possibly could have imagined. Our pup was comfortable, in her bed, and in our arms. Dr. Fragola was extremely responsive, respectful, empathetic, and really went above and beyond for us! Throughout the whole process she was supportive and easy to be around, naturally flowing from engaging with us to giving us space while we grieved and had our last intimate moments with our dog. On top of it all, she is so thoughtful with her follow ups to make sure the humans have what we need to grieve our loss in our own way. For those who are looking for an in-home solution for their pet’s final moments, I could not recommend Dr. Fragola enough!
Rebecca M.

I was so grateful to have found Jessica. It was on short notice, and she was so kind and sincere and helped ease the passing of my beloved Guapo of 12 years so peacefully. If you are lucky enough to be able to help your pet transition in this manner in their time, I only wish you get to help them do so with Dr Fragola. Thank you!
Alessandra D

Dr. Fragola is a godsend. I will be forever grateful for her compassion, expertise, and skilled care in a moment when my family and I needed her. It was such a blessing to have a caring veterinarian come right to our home to help our beloved family member pass peacefully. I don’t know how you do what you do, but we thank you for everything, Dr. Fragola.

Julia I.

Our beloved elderly lab was really struggling and in pain. We were so conflicted. Dr. Fragola was incredibly patient and compassionate and helped us make the very difficult end of life decision. Her combination of professionalism and compassion was very important to all members of our family.
Clara M.